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Monique Hurdle

Monique Hurdle a native of White Plains, NY graduated from Delaware State University with a BS in Accounting and an MBA in Finance. She began her career as an auditor for Price Water house Coopers; transitioning to JP Morgan as an investment bank analyst. After gleaning foundational skills in audit and accounting and finance, she entered the hospitality industry. After many years of work in the industry Monique excelled to the position of controller. As a controller for multiple top brands, she successfully managed single and multi-unit locations, IPO preparation and reporting, and completed numerous accounting, human resource, and operational system conversions.

With many years of experience Monique founded WIA, LLC. A company dedicated to the education and preservation of the art of accounting. As a knowledgeable accountant, Monique is able to offer advice and expertise improving business practices and performance in the areas of development, formation/openings, accounting & finance, human resources, and operations.

When she is not deep in excel sheets, she enjoys a good game of billiards and bowling and playing with her 5lb chihuahua Simba.

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Partner with Preciseiswia today and experience the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted accounting firm by your side. Contact us now to discuss your accounting needs and schedule a consultation. Let us handle your finances while you focus on what you do best – growing your business!
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